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Value Added Reseller (VAR)
Partnership Program

DocsInk welcomes the opportunity to partner with companies that share our passion for maximizing clinical revenue, streamlining coordination of care and improving health outcomes. Our corporate partnerships have proven to be financially valuable while benefiting providers and patients alike.

Revenue cycle management and outsourced billing offices enjoy efficient paperless workflows by receiving charges in real-time from their medical provider clients. Faxed, mailed, couriered and scanned encounter forms are eliminated, as bills are instantly pushed directly into the practice management/billing system. Time previously spent manually posting charges may be repurposed to an auditing function, ensuring all claims are clean and ready for immediate adjudication. 100% of charges are captured and coded accurately to the highest level. This level of efficiency and automation has proven to lead to an average increase in revenue of 16% and the decrease of charge lag by 96%.

Healthcare technology companies benefit from offering DocsInk’s services at a competitive price point to their clients. Monthly DocsInk subscriptions provide a recurring revenue stream to companies who specialize in assisting health care providers or organizations navigate the financial, workflow and legislative challenges commonplace throughout the industry. Technology partners quickly benefit by offering our cost-effective application which addresses many MACRA-based quality improvement efforts and reporting requirements.

Health Information Exchanges (HIE’s) partner with DocsInk to offer an added level of service to their stakeholders, as the mobile arm to their connectivity and data delivery. These functions are available to community, regional and state-wide HIE communities. HIE’s profit from an additional source of revenue, while their stakeholders enjoy broader services promoting the highest level of efficiency and integration.

Like our DocsInk solution, we believe in keeping our partnerships simple and effective. To learn more about becoming a DocsInk VAR partner and other business development opportunities, please complete the brief introductory information below.