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Small Practice

You’re a small practice that’s looking to secure your internal and external communication. You want something that fits your practice now and can accomodate any future needs you might have.

The needs of the small practice are a little different than the needs of a large healthcare organization, sure. Small practices love DocsInk because our products are modular. You can be live in minutes. Our pricing doesn’t hurt, either.

Here’s a checklist that a typical small practice needs to see before they try our services.

Security and Compliance
We’re compliant to current regulations- your data is secure in transit and at rest. Here are the links to that documentation.

BAA and Terms of Service
These are part of your account registration process and they can also be found here.

Live and based in the United States. We answer all support within the hour, and because most of our support is handled via our messenger, it’s usually faster.

We interface with anything but it’s not likely a small practice really needs it. Try out the app and let us know what you’d like us to interface with after you get comfortable with it.