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Mobile Charge Capture

Charge Capture is all about workflow... DocsInk's charge capture solution is used by hospital networks with campuses that cover hundreds of square miles in different towns and facilities; and those who want to eliminate paper, streamline their workflow and maximize reimbursement. DocsInk's charge capture is flexible and customizable to the specific user.

DocsInk is the ONLY enterprise-grade charge capture application that a doctor can trial right now.

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Award-Winning 5-Second Charge Capture

Award Winning
5-Second Charge Capture

We win the majority of our new business, whether it’s a hospital or a smaller organization, because our doctors can round on a patient and charge them within a few seconds. Our award-winning charge capture is as simple as possible. The way we allow the doctors to find the most accurate and highest level of code possible has been described as a game changer.

Did we mention that it’s won awards? Watch the video above or just click this link and start using it in minutes with a free trial. Maybe we’ll win another award for how easily we let you setup a trial account!

Mobile Charge Capture Pocket CFO

Pocket CFO

The most popular response when we ask our users what they love most about DocsInk’s charge capture is the Pocket CFO. The Pocket CFO allows the provider to set targets for RVUs, anticipated dollar reimbursements, and other encounter metrics from their phone. Our users are given an at-a-glance graphical overview of their progress throughout the day, week and month.

Our doctors know, within a few dollars, what their anticipated reimbursement is for each visit, each day of each month. When you have that knowledge, you stay on top of your charges, and when you stay on top of your charges, you reduce charge lag and maximize your money. You define your targets. We will help you meet them.

Mobile Charge Capture Quality Measures Reporting

Quality Measures Reporting

DocsInk meets all of your MACRA & MIPS reporting requirements for Quality Performance Measures. Individually assign one or many of the quality measures to your providers, and based on the patient demographics and selected diagnoses and procedure code, DocsInk’s Quality Measure reporting algorithm will see which measure meets the reporting criteria and walk your provider through a quick Yes/No for reporting metrics.

Mobile Charge Capture Census Management

Census Management

A patient list is only good if it is accurate. DocsInk offers several levels of census management. View your individual patient list, your billed patients, or your team’s rounding list view with just a tap. Unfollow a patient from your list, or assign them to another provider with two taps. DocsInk helps you manage your census, adapting to your needs and workflows.

It’s just that simple.

Mobile Charge Capture Patient Transition Management

Patient Transition Management

Whether you’re transferring your patient list and notes to the oncoming provider, or discharging a patient from hospital service, DocsInk takes care of patient transition and provider assignment with just a few taps. The critical 13th hour after a provider’s shift is the one DocsInk can give back to you. Transfer your patients with notes to the oncoming provider with a tap. Go home.

DocsInk closes the continuity of care gap between the inpatient setting and outpatient community with automatic notifications based on patient-events.

Mobile Charge Capture Multi-Patient Charge

Multi-Patient Charge

If you’re a nephrologist, you’re going to LOVE THIS one. We developed this specifically for a couple of our nephrology groups rounding in dialysis units that see 30 patients a day, each with the same diagnosis and the same procedure code. Our providers filter on their dialysis patients, select the ones they want to charge, add the procedure and diagnosis, and charge each of their 30 patients. That process takes about 20 seconds.

We would love for you to check out this time-saving feature during your 30-day free trial.

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Over 100 Organizations from across the United States trust DocsInk to handle over 1 million patient charges every year. Standalone or Interfaced, DocsInk's charge capture system fits any workflow. Start a pilot today.

Common FAQ

  • Charge Capture
  • General

Do you offer desktop and mobile charge capture?

Yes. Your patient list for charge capture is available from the DocsInk mobile app and your desktop browser. The functionality that is available on the mobile is also available on the browser based application with the exception of Multi-Patient Charge Capture. That feature is only available from the native charge capture app available from iTunes or Google Play.

Are Quality Measures attached to the charge?

Yes. From the administrative dashboard, the account administrator has the ability to assign any of the 400+ measures to each or all of the providers. If these quality measures are turned on for the provider, and a patient is presented that meets qualifying criteria, the provider will be asked upon charge submission if they would like to submit a Quality Measure with the charge. If the provider taps Yes, they will be prompted to answer questions pertaining to the qualifying measure and it will submit on charge submission.

Does your charge capture application help providers select the correct codes?

Yes. DocsInk assists your providers in choosing both the correct evaluation and management (E&M) procedure codes and the highest level of ICD10 codes.

How does patient information get into your charge capture system?

Automatically or manually. The choice is yours. Inputting information into DocsInk is fast and simple. Providers and/or their support staff can manually add patients, or we can automatically populate patient names and demographics into DocsInk using a simple HL7 interface with any EHR or HIS system.

How do charges get into my practice management/billing system?

Charges are sent back to DocsInk's new charges dashboard in real-time as your providers put them through. If you prefer a manual process, billing staff may utilize this dashboard in lieu of paper encounters or charge sheets to input the charges into their billing system. If automation is your preference, we can push all charges directly into your practice management system to eliminate the need for manual charge posting.

What makes your charge capture different and better than your competitors?

DocsInk molds to our client's individual work flows and needs. We understand that technology must be simple, easy and affordable. Ours is. Multiple day billing? We do it. Patient lists based on group rounding? We do it. Real-time stats and verification on mobile? We do it. Integration with secure communication? We do it...

Do you sign Business Associates Agreements?

Yes. It is our standard practice to include a BAA in the registration process that each user must click through to create an account, but we understand that some organizations want hard-copies and we are happy to comply. Please download our BAA here, sign, forward it to us via email and we will return to you the signed copy. Please make sure to use the same information that was used to register your account so our compliance technicians can match your account to your paperwork.

How is your system architecture designed?

DocsInk utilizes Amazon Web Services with redundant data facilities across multiple regions. Amazon has the highest uptime coupled with the strictest security processes, making DocsInk's application secure with a 99.5% uptime.

Do you offer on-site Go Lives?

We do. DocsInk offers onsite implementation resources for enterprise clients or clients that prefer an on-site Go Live. Our implementation resources require scheduling and payment of travel expenses and hourly rates. Please send Go Live requests to or contact a customer support specialist for more information.

Can you work with our hospital or EHR ADT feed?

Yes. DocsInk actively supports VPN and ADT feeds from hospital systems across the United States.

Can DocsInk send patient billing information back to our billing system?

Yes. We have two methods to do this. We can offer a secure connection over the web, or we can connect over VPN and traverse that method.

What EMR and HIS systems have you interfaced with and who do you support?

Cerner, Intergy, EPIC, Greenway, NextGen, Athena, Azalea, CPSI, Medicity? We have interfaced with all of the major ones and all of the niche players as well. We use MIRTH as our HL7 Interface engine, a NextGen platform.

I have several groups that are independent but share patient care together. How should I set this up?

With the simple answer to three quick questions, we can quickly make that determination. If the answer to any of these questions is No, you should register each as their own organization and Connect to each other. If the answer to any is Yes, you should create one organization and add each location as an office location.

  • Are all patients in each group shared and accessible to all providers and healthcare workers in your organization all the time?
  • Do the providers communicate with each other and have a need to share call groups?
  • Do you have Chronic Care Patients that are independent and private to one practice or group and not the others?