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Large Practice

If you’re a large multi-specialty clinic or have multiple locations, you will likely appreciate how customizable DocsInk is to each user.

You are going to have doctors that prefer the mobile to desktop, prefer the browser to desktop, or prefer their Mac to the practice-issued PC. DocsInk can be accessed on practically any device. It is as simple to use by the doctor that has been practicing for decades as it is for the less experienced but more technically savvy providers. You do not have to worry about adoption difficulties or challenges with usability.

We believe any organization of any size should be able to try an application before they buy it as a solution. We understand it is typically time consuming and costly to research, customize, implement, train and go-live in healthcare. DocsInk is the answer. We allow ANYONE to create a free account and trial our software for 30 days. You can put your entire practice on it quickly and use as many or as few modules as you want for free. If DocsInk isn’t the best fit for your practice, just cancel your account with no penalty and at no cost.

Buying healthcare software shouldn’t come with risk. At DocsInk, there is no risk to you or your practice.

Adoption, training and use are simple with DocsInk. We have worked hard to take all the worry and hassle out of our implementation process.

We are secure. You can access our compliance documents here so you can feel comfortable that you have checked that box.

Our Business Associates Agreement (BAA) is in our Terms and Conditions and your agreement and signature is part of your registration.

We have live state-side support. You can message our support staff directly from the app.

We encourage you to try us out free for 30 days, with no risk. Even with a few providers to see if it's a good fit for your organization.

Organizations may begin their 30-day trial right away. New DocsInk accounts can be setup within minutes using only an email and our Team Builder.

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