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Hospitals use DocsInk every day for provider to provider communication. You can run a pilot in a department with our online registration in minutes and see if DocsInk is a fit for you.

You're a hospital with multiple clinics and many departments. Consulting providers are texting doctors within your hospital. Your doctor’s are texting back insecurely. You need a secure solution where providers and staff can start communicating using without disrupting their current workflows.

The best solution needs to have global privileges and management tools that meet HIPAA compliance.

The best solution needs to fit within your budget would be nice if it was simple and pleasant to use.

FYI - When we talk about hospitals, we mean a small rural hospital with 100 employees or a multi-hospital network with thousands. We have both types using DocsInk.

DocsInk can be accessed on practically any device and is as simple to use for the doctor that’s been practicing for decades as it is to the less experienced but more technically savvy providers. You don’t have to worry about difficulty of adoption or impediments to use.

Hospitals from less than 100 beds up to the largest health systems may try our application before they buy it. It’s time consuming and extremely costly to research, customize, implement, train and go-live in health care. We allow ANYONE to create a free account and trial our software for 30 days. You can put your entire practice on DocsInk and use as many or as few modules as you want for free. If DocsInk isn’t the best fit for your practice, just cancel your account with no penalty and at no cost.

Here’s a checklist that a typical hospital needs to see before they try our services.

Security and Compliance
You need to know that we’re compliant to current regulations, that your data is secure in transit and at rest. Here are the links to that documentation.

BAA and Terms of Service
These are part of your account registration process and they can also be found here.

Live and based in the United States. We answer all support within the hour. Most of our support is handled via our messenger, so it’s usually even faster.

You’re likely going to want an ADT and a DFT. The ADT will provide you with real-time patient admission information and messages about patient account updates. The DFT can be sent back to your practice management system for automated billing. Each take a couple of days to set up, test and take live.

Volume Pricing
Our pricing is transparent. We offer volume pricing at 100, 250, 400 and 550 users. You can learn more about our pricing here.

Large practices typically like to pilot the application with a department before they take the application completely live. Here’s our Getting Started section to start your pilot.

Go Live Resources
We offer live onsite resources for Go Lives. Our Go Live trainers have years of experience with Change Management and workflow.

Still have questions? Click on the Chat Module at the bottom right corner of this page and talk to one of our representatives.