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HIPAA-Compliant Secure Messenger

DocsInk promotes easy and efficient sharing of pertinent clinical information in real-time. Within seconds, images, documents and patient-centric messages can be sent and shared securely. Real-time communication helps eliminate costly errors and redundant services, directly reducing the per capita cost of healthcare. Instant collaboration improves patient throughput and care delivery.

The best messaging solution is the one that your doctors and staff will find a pleasure to use.

Our messaging applications are native and simple to use. Your doctors and staff will be communicating securely in minutes.

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Desktop & Mobile HIPAA Messaging

Desktop & Mobile HIPAA Messaging

Let’s be honest. A truly connected healthcare practice or system can’t rely on a web-based login platform. With system restrictions in different organizations, different browser requirements and security protocols, only a native desktop and mobile application can be considered as an option.

DocsInk is native to Mac, Windows, iOS & Android.

Always on. Always ready to deliver messages.

HIPAA Secure Patient-Attached Messages

Patient-Attached Messages

Any HIPAA Messaging platform is going to allow you to securely discuss patients. What makes DocsInk different is that only DocsInk attaches the patient directly to the message. Open the patient profile from the message with just a tap or a click.

With DocsInk, you have increased protection: we track when patients are attached to messages, see who attached them and to whom they were sent.

HIPAA Secure Consult, Critical, Files & Forwarding

Consult, Critical, Files & Forwarding

Not all messages are created equal. Some are critical, and some, not so much. DocsInk allows you to distinguish your messages by attaching an ‘Acknowledgement’ along with it.

You can assign your own Critical Values from your administrative dashboard and customize DocsInk to meet all of your messaging needs. Send ED, Admission, and Consult messages and receive an Accepted/Declined or Forwarded response from the recipient.

HIPAA Secure Community Directory

Community Directory

On-boarding has never been easier. Everyone can find anyone that they need in an organization of any size. Small or large, your users can find them based on their department, specialty, duty or role.

Add and update office locations from your administrative dashboard for multi-clinic operations or hospitals with extended campuses. Assign your users to their respective locations with their respective roles and duties, closing the communication loops.

HIPAA Secure Federated Messaging / Connect

Federated Messaging / Connect

Healthcare has and continues to change. Small practices need to connect to other practices, other practices need to be able to connect to hospitals, and primary care providers need to be able to seamlessly connect to hospitals.

DocsInk allows organizations to participate and Connect. The Accept & Decline method of organizational federation allows your organization to be securely connected to another on Docsink. There's no wait time for go-lives, ADTs, or VPNs. Join and Connect. It’s that simple.

Video Messaging

Video Messaging

Sometimes it’s nice to talk with someone face to face for a conversation. DocsInk’s desktop messaging platform has Video Calls and Messaging out of the box. You don’t have to turn it on. You don’t have to pay per minute. It’s just an amazing feature we knew our client’s would benefit from.

Currently, we only support one-to-one Video Calls, but already have plans to release a group calling platform in the near future.

Pins to Messaging

Pins to Messaging

DocsInk isn’t just about securing and sending messages. It’s also about making sure that the people you’re chatting with are talking about the same thing and have a way to organize their topics and files.

Pinning files to individual chats, group messages, or call-group message threads is a great way to make sure you’re always talking about the same patient, lab result, or patient encounter.

Group Messaging

Group Messaging

Administrative groups can be created from your dashboard and assigned attributes that allow for different functions. Want to create a closed group? No problem. Want to create a group and pull in users from federated organizations? Easily done. Want to assign a call schedule to the group? Piece of cake. Rename the group, remove users, share it across organizations.

DocsInk is the simplest group messaging system anyone can use.

Shared Call Schedules

Shared Call Schedules

Traditionally, call schedules are managed internally to the organization and then sent as an excel file or shared Google calendar to outside organizations. While this sub-par workflow has been adopted by the majority of healthcare organizations, we thought there might be room for improvement.

With DocsInk, you can create a call group, schedule users, and then share that schedule with any organization that you connect to. In real-time, outside organizations can know which doctor to call, which doctor to message, which doctor to admit to, or which doctor to refer to, without having to go through an intermediary or an outdated excel spreadsheet.

Search History

Search History

Who has time to remember things anymore. Search the chat history of any conversation and DocsInk will do all the remembering for you!

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Common FAQ

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  • General

On which devices does your Secure Messenger work?

All of them. DocsInk is native to Mac, Windows, iOS and Android. Our mobile application and native desktop work together, to address your internal work flows and best practices.

Who can I communicate with using DocsInk's Secure Messaging?

Anyone. Use our simple team-builder function to create your own organization, including all individuals that you want to communicate with securely. You can also connect to other providers and healthcare organizations throughout referral network and/or larger community, to seamlessly coordinate the care of a shared patient population.

Is this only a secure texting application or can I share files too?

DocsInk supports all types of patient-centric, secure communication. Simply chat, share documents, attach images, send consults, or have a video call. We support what you need in your clinical and administrative work flows.

Can I confirm that my message has been received?

Absolutely. You may send critical messages at any time which provides you with an immediately acknowledgement. In addition, all consult messages have an accept/decline feature from the recipient to effectively prevent gaps of care.

Does DocsInk's Secure Messenger support group communication?

100%. Create your communication groups based on any parameters. Closed groups, on-call groups, rounding groups, information only groups? No problem.

Do you sign Business Associates Agreements?

Yes. It is our standard practice to include a BAA in the registration process that each user must click through to create an account, but we understand that some organizations want hard-copies and we are happy to comply. Please download our BAA here, sign, forward it to us via email and we will return to you the signed copy. Please make sure to use the same information that was used to register your account so our compliance technicians can match your account to your paperwork.

How is your system architecture designed?

DocsInk utilizes Amazon Web Services with redundant data facilities across multiple regions. Amazon has the highest uptime coupled with the strictest security processes, making DocsInk's application secure with a 99.5% uptime.

Do you offer on-site Go Lives?

We do. DocsInk offers onsite implementation resources for enterprise clients or clients that prefer an on-site Go Live. Our implementation resources require scheduling and payment of travel expenses and hourly rates. Please send Go Live requests to or contact a customer support specialist for more information.

Can you work with our hospital or EHR ADT feed?

Yes. DocsInk actively supports VPN and ADT feeds from hospital systems across the United States.

Can DocsInk send patient billing information back to our billing system?

Yes. We have two methods to do this. We can offer a secure connection over the web, or we can connect over VPN and traverse that method.

What EMR and HIS systems have you interfaced with and who do you support?

Cerner, Intergy, EPIC, Greenway, NextGen, Athena, Azalea, CPSI, Medicity? We have interfaced with all of the major ones and all of the niche players as well. We use MIRTH as our HL7 Interface engine, a NextGen platform.

I have several groups that are independent but share patient care together. How should I set this up?

With the simple answer to three quick questions, we can quickly make that determination. If the answer to any of these questions is No, you should register each as their own organization and Connect to each other. If the answer to any is Yes, you should create one organization and add each location as an office location.

  • Are all patients in each group shared and accessible to all providers and healthcare workers in your organization all the time?
  • Do the providers communicate with each other and have a need to share call groups?
  • Do you have Chronic Care Patients that are independent and private to one practice or group and not the others?