Secure Messaging has never been easier. Secure your organization's chats and messaging in minutes.

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Get Started

DocsInk isn’t like your typical healthcare software. It's an easy to use messaging application designed to connect healthcare teams and communities securely.

We can get you started in just a few quick steps. You will need a valid email address and your NPI Number to begin.

Become an Administrator

Once registered, you will receive an email inviting you to complete your account registration.

Signed BAA  •  Try any product free for 30 days  •  Cancel at any time

Setting up your account

Account Registration

  • Enter your Organization’s NPI Number and we will fill in the blanks.
  • Upload your organization’s logo.
  • Click save & and you are on your way to building your new DocsInk communication platform!
Account Registration

Team Builder

Next... You will build your team. Your team includes all staff and providers in the organization.

  • Providers (MD, DO, PA, NP, etc.)
    • NPI, name, specialty, email address, phone number (location if multiple offices) & photo (if available).
  • Staff (Admins, Clinical, Reception, Billing, Scheduling).
  • Name, department, email address, office location, phone number & photo (if available).
Team Builder

Office Locations

  • Multiple Office Locations? Add them under the Administrative Profile. Add a New Office Location.
    • Office name, address and preferred phone number.
    • Staff can assign themselves to the appropriate location when they log in for the first time.
New Office Locations

Group Communications - where the magic happens...

  • Create a messaging group for transparent communication across multiple team members to share the right information at the right time to the right group of individuals. DocsInk Connect allows secure private conversations between team members; but the real power of DocsInk comes from the transparency in communication that an entire team shares. This transparency means it’s easy to stay informed across the team, and if someone is out or new to the team, everything is saved in the history for future reference.
  • Groups may include patient care teams, clinical groups, provider groups, rounding groups, administrative groups and many others
  • To Create a group, simply Select “Group”
    • Add two or more team members from your organization.
    • Name your group and start communicating!
    • Group Members may add others to a group as needed.
    • In Group communication, including @username into the text allows any member to click on the username and go directly into the communication channel for that particular user.
    • Add stars to important discussions to reference in the future & to create a group of favorites for your own customized list.
Group Communications

Contacts & Community

  • Contacts will display all team members that have been created in your organization with the status indicator as to whether they are online green indicator
    • Users can set their status by clicking on their name and selecting status
  • Community is reached by clicking on the search icon and can be sorted by:
    • Providers
    • Staff
    • Departments - All or specific
    • By Selecting an individual, you may begin a conversation or choose the search icon to retrieve a chat history.
Contacts & Community

Critical Messaging

You are able to customize notifications so important information gets to the right person at the right time!

  • Create Critical Categories in DocsInk Dashboard @ Org Settings
  • Examples: Critical Lab Value, Stat Lab Orders
Critical Messaging


DocsInk Connect allows you to upload documents & images to be shared among the team.

  • Open a conversation by selecting the team member name from the contact list or typing it in at the top.
  • Select the paper clip icon from bottom of the screen - search for and select document from file
  • You can also PIN a portion of a conversation or a document to a conversation by R click or (Control+R on Mac) on the selected image or document. This allows you to quickly reference this item in a conversation without searching through the entire communication thread.
Attachments Pin to Conversation


Yes!!’s much more fun to use pictures when communicating with your team!

Advanced User Guide

  • Deleting threads
  • Managing users
  • Creating call groups
  • Settings