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About DocsInk

Simply put, DocsInk is the simple, cost-effective solution for the challenges facing healthcare providers today and in the future.

DocsInk is different from our competitors because we simultaneously addresses the fiscal, communication and connectivity needs of medical professionals. Beyond our technology, our team is dedicated to providing customer support and user experience that is second to none.

DocsInk’s previous growth is graciously attributed to the generous referrals of our current user-base to other healthcare organizations around the country.

Simple. Sleek. Scalable. Synergistic.

  • Instantly captures charges at the point-of-care promoting an increase in clinical revenue by an average of 17% within 45 days. Customized billing templates, a built-in ICD-10 crosswalk and ability to submit charges within 2 to 7 seconds expedites the billing process.
  • Connects medical professionals in a simple Facebook-like manner, without the need of expensive and complicated interfaces, enables efficient communication and collaboration. The ability to send secure, HIPAA compliant messages in real-time about a shared patient population helps eliminate errors and redundant services, directly reducing the per capita cost of healthcare.
  • Helps medical staff quickly manage their census with the ability to transfer patients to another provider within 3 seconds. Historical data and pertinent notes are easily viewable, speeding-up and simplifying the patient handoff process.
  • Streamlines the referral / consult process by showing real-time availability statuses for community providers via our integrated provider directory. Consult requests may be sent in seconds with an attached digital patient profile for maximum efficiency. Notifications of both accepted and declined referral / consult requests are automatically sent to requesting providers and are reportable for clinical revenue tracking.
  • Allows groups of providers to simply manage their call schedule with an interactive On-Call Calendar. The shared, real-time calendar streamlines hospital communications, expedites patient care, and greatly improves through-put times.
  • Automatically sends admission and discharge alerts to primary care physicians and appointed care coordinators when their patients are admitted and discharged from the hospital. These Admission & Discharge Notifications allow patients to be quickly transitioned back into the outpatient setting for successful management of their chronic diseases in a cost-effective manner. Physicians benefit from the ability to bill for Transition Care Management codes, readmission rates are reduced and emergency room over-utilization is minimized.

Our Market

The market for DocsInk encompasses every healthcare provider who is looking to survive declining reimbursements, easily address ICD-10 requirements, successfully report quality metrics, ensure HIPAA compliance, reduce readmission rates, balance patient care with documentation requirements, facilitate care coordination and enhance patient outcomes.

DocsInk awards:

  • The 2014 Coastal Entrepreneur Award in the Emerging Company Category, presented by UNCW and Wilmington Business Journal
  • The 2014 NC Technology Association’s Beacon Award as one of the Top 10 Startup Companies in North Carolina.
  • The 2016 Top 10 Healthcare Communication Solution Award