"It's a Pleasure to Use"

- Howard Haber, MD

"It's the Holy Grail of Apps"

- Gena Schitka, MD

"I Love It."

- Kevin Cannon, MD

"My Workflow. Improved"

- Chazz Ambrose, MD

Seamlessly connecting entire healthcare communities – saving time, increasing reimbursement, and improving care coordination.

We power mobile healthcare solutions, beautifully.

Why They're Choosing Us...

DocsInk® has routinely been selected over, and replaced, many of the
industry’s legacy systems because it’s an all-in-one package.


DocsInk® was built by the rounding and charging provider. It’s built to capture a rounding charge in 7 seconds and a new charge in as few as 20 seconds. Add an interface with loaded data and we’re setting records.

Universal Login

DocsInk® is built for everyone. You’re younger physicians that like technology and can power through a mobile app, as well as your older providers that prefer to use our desktop charge capture.

Patient List Transfer

DocsInk® has great time-saving tools. Transfer an entire patient list to another provider in two taps. Your patients go with full diagnoses and rounding codes attached for ease of service.

Workflow Responsive

“Our doctors are different.” You’re right. And no one does the same thing the same way. DocsInk® allows your providers to customize their app to conform to their current workflow. It’s simpler that way.

Secure Messaging

DocsInk’s messaging is designed to mimic the chat services that your doctors are used to using such as Messenger and WhatsApp, but with additional features such as consults and patient-attached messages.

Stats & Reporting

Check your real-time visits for the day, week or month. You can also check your RVU’s. Take advantage of our ‘Monthly Targeting’ feature to track your progress against your internal incentive programs.

DocsInk® was built with physicians, for physicians.

  • Charge Capture
  • Secure Messaging
  • On-Call Scheduling
  • Discharge Notifications
  • Healthcare Directory
  • Consult Management
  • ICD-10
  • HL7 Interoperability
Mobile Charge Capture

Ensuring all healthcare services are billed and paid quickly and accurately.

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HIPAA Secure Messaging

Our HIPAA compliant, mobile application provides the instant connectivity between patient care teams.

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On-Call Scheduling

DocsInk’s interactive on-call calendar streamlines clinical and hospital communications.

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Admission & Discharge Notifications

PCP’s and Transition Care Coordinators receive information in real-time.

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Healthcare Directory

DocsInk® connects healthcare communities regardless of existing technology.

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Consult & On-Call Provider Status

Consult management and patient referrals are a vital part of healthcare delivery and a large factor in an organizations healthy revenue cycle.

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A successful conversion to ICD-10 holds the key to a healthy revenue cycle for the majority of providers.

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HL7 Interoperability

DocsInk® is dedicated to providing real-time data and communications to improve revenue, patient care, and overall health outcomes.

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We Solve Problems.

Uncaptured Charges

Medical professionals are working harder than ever to maximize revenue, reimbursement and productivity.

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Technology Fatigue

The DocsInk® team has sought constant input from our end-users, and has designed a very simple and user-friendly application.

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Healthcare Connectivity

DocsInk® easily and affordably connects providers across the continuum without the need of expensive interfaces.

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Try it. You're gonna love it.

DocsInk® is the nation's most popular healthcare app because it's easy. You can start using it. In minutes.

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TCM Billing Whitepaper

TCM Billing Whitepaper

Tricky Transitions: Communication at the Core of Managing the Move in Healthcare

How to bill for TCM codes and increase reimbursement by $60 per post-discharge patient visit.

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