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  • Secure Messenger
  • Charge Capture
  • Chronic Care Manager

HIPAA-Compliant Secure Messaging

DocsInk's free trial gives you full access to each of these features for DocsInk's HIPAA-Compliant Messenger.

  • 1-1 Chat
  • Group Chat
  • Call Scheduler Integration
  • Call Group Management
  • Mobile App
  • Desktop App
  • Office Location Management
  • Roles & Duties Assignment
  • File Attachment Supported
  • Patient Profile Attachment
  • Critical Message & Acknowledgements
  • Consult Message & Acknowledgements
  • Consult Message Tracking and Reporting
  • Admission Messages
  • Discharge Messages
  • Discharge Message Management
  • Delegate Communication Management
  • Administrative Delegate Controls
  • Administrative User Management Controls
  • Administrative Password Management Controls


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Charge Capture

DocsInk's free trial gives you full access to each of these features for DocsInk's Charge Capture.

  • Patient List Management
  • Rounding Group List
  • Unfollow / Close Visit
  • Call Group Rounding List
  • Census Patient Assignment
  • Patient Tile Notation
  • Patient Flagging
  • Filter and Location Management
  • Patient List Transfer and Notification
  • Facesheet Image Upload
  • Provider Assignment
  • Length of Stay
  • Consult Request Management
  • Multi-Patient Charge
  • Multi-Day Charge
  • Diagnosis and Procedure Pre-Selected on Previously Seen Patients
  • Code Guide for Patient Location Billing
  • ICD-10 Search and Drill Down
  • ‘3’ Character Search
  • Favorite Procedure Codes and Renaming
  • Favorite Modifiers
  • Patient Encounter Timeline
  • Patient Transaction Timeline
  • Real-Time Billing Stats in Pocket CFO
  • RVU per Encounter and Day/Week/Monthly Totals
  • Integrated Attached Patient Messenger
  • Primary Care Provider Assignment
  • Customizable Quick List Notes


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Chronic Care Manager

DocsInk's free trial gives you full access to each of these features for DocsInk's Chronic Care Manager.

  • CCM Patient List Management
  • Condition Management & Assignment
  • Automated Monthly Billing
  • Provider Assignment
  • Custom Action Items
  • Customized Minute/Action Items
  • Multi-Provider Filter
  • Auditable Transaction Log
  • Desktop Access
  • Export to EHR
  • Historical Reporting Management


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